Core Values of the Wayland Republican Party

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1: We believe, as the Founders did, that leaders with a moral foundation based on tolerance serve a people best.
This moral foundation espouses tolerance for peoples of any (or no) religion. The Framers admired civic leaders who posessed a spiritual compass as a bulwark against corruption, not as a form of tyranny.

2: We defer to the US Constitution as a source of guiding principles.
We believe in the healthy system of checks and balances which has always served as a bulwark against tyranny.

Under this system the Executive branch and the Legislative branch are held in check by the Judicial branch. All branches are capable of being overruled by the will of the American people.

Beware any effort of direct executive overreach such as executive amnesty and unilateral reinterpretation of the law. Beware all forms of overreach from within the EPA, Treasury, NSA, Labor and other departments which increasingly pursue their own agenda from deep within the "Administrative State".

3: We believe strongly, as the Founders did, in the principles of a limited Federal government.
"Congress shall make no law..." rings through the Constitution as a prompt for us, guiding us towards Federalism (States rights) and away from the horrors of the Administrative State.

Yet today we awake to the reality that the Washington bureaucracy has usurped vast swaths of power that rightly belongs in the legislative branch and the people themselves.

The administrative agencies were never supposed to have any role in the formulation of policy for education or welfare or medical care (or in picking winners from among the various competitors in our energy industry).

On the contrary, it was this administrative overreach that the Founders feared above all else.

There is no escape when thousands upon thousands of regulatory policy pages are laid down annually by the Bureaucrats within EPA, Treasury, Justice, Labor and the other federal departments that now comprise the untouchable "fourth branch of government". Beware the nameless, faceless, unaccountable actors steadily pursuing their Statist policy aims from deep within the Federal bureaucracy.

4: We believe the most effective government is government closest to the people.
This includes an embrace of the Federalist vision as espoused during the early days of the Republic.

Sometimes cast as "states rights", this vision is one which allows for the individual states to make broadly sweeping policy for themselves, without undue restriction from unknown bureaucrats sometimes thousands of miles distant.

The US Federal government was never intended to make policy in education, agriculture, human services, labor, or energy. All this and more should be the purvue of the states.

Consider that individual citizens have mobility between the states. People would take notice if states were allowed to serve as laboratories of innovation as intended. It would quickly become evident which states prioritize services or safety or liberty or security. A person would have the ability to flee a state which implements unwanted or irresponsible policies. There is no escape for any of us when all policy is made at the federal (or WORLD) level.

5: We believe in respecting all classes of people, including Taxpayers.
We believe that ALL people are created equal and NO class of Americans is above any other. Whether rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight, etc, we are equal and should be treated as such. No class of people has the right to impose their view on another through coercion, bullying or force.

With that being said, we also believe that the taxpayers themselves comprise an important class of Americans. That's right, taxpayers rights should be respected too! Those who work and earn deserve the right to speak up and be heard in demanding fiscal prudence, responsibility and good old-fashioned American belt-tightening. Inefficiencies, redundancies and outright waste needs to be addressed at all levels. Throwing money at a problem is NEVER the answer.

Is the Boston school system better than Wayland? Liberals must think so because Boston spends approximately 17K per pupil to Wayland's approx. 16K. Money is NOT the problem. Respect the taxpayer. It's RIGHT HERE!

6: We proudly uphold the exceptionalism and sovereignty of the United States as a nation.
Today we recognize that our very sovereignty is under siege: That wheels are turning toward reliance on foreign and multinational governing bodies in an eclipse of our own charter documents. Consider the United Nations and the European Union as direct threats. It should serve as a red flag each time we hear about US authorities that wish to take policy guidance from these entities and their various programs as alternatives to our own interests and our own Constitution.

Consider just a few of the many troubling examples:
  • International Criminal Court
  • The United Nations generally, and their foreign policy efforts specifically.
  • Agenda 21
  • The Law of the Seas Treaty

American citizens and leaders should be wary of these initiatives. Formulated by unelected foreign busybodies, these initiatives are usually just ruses to disguise the true intentions of international Statists: To limit the influence of America and to shake us down financially.

7: We believe in the rule of law, generally, and the right to contract for ownership of private property in particular.
Consider the following, on the matter of property rights alone:

The Federal inheritance tax is an abomination. Who says the federal government should have an interest in (fully taxed) property that passes from a parent to a child upon the passing of the earlier generation?

The Kelo decision demonstrates what a slippery slope (toward tyranny) we are on. This ruling gave legitimacy to the taking of property from one private entity for the purpose of being given to another (preferred) entity. This fits into a pattern of socialist rulings and actions that represent the continued erosion of property rights in this country.

The pending discussion about a "Wealth Tax" should horrify all Americans on principle alone.

One need not look far for examples of how the ruling party is eroding the Rule of Law in America. Just consider how the US Government has taken to shaking down unfavored financial institutions on the basis of "statistically disparate impact" alone. Under this sleight of hand the Administration can prosecute based on a perceived societal outcome without being asked to present evidence of any actual crime.

The Founding Fathers left us with parting words that are now ringing true: "We're leaving you a nice democracy, for as long as you can manage to keep it".

8: We believe in prudence, discipline and restraint in matters of the public fisc.
The current entitlement systems are unsustainable ponzi schemes. (Yes, literally)

We believe that the current generation needs to exhibit more fiscal restraint and discipline in order that we might bequeath healthy, balanced systems to the next generation.

This won't be easy, but then consider what it means to be a true statesman: Having the courage to make difficult and unpopular decisions that we know to be right.

9: We believe in a foreign policy that recognizes America as a positive force for good in the world.
See Chuck Hagel, former Secretary of Defense, who has articulated a foreign policy rooted in conservative principles:

Chuck Hagel: A Republican Foreign Policy

10: We understand that America (and all civilized democracies) will continue to have ideological and military adversaries in the world.
As a matter of intellectual honesty and political reality, we recognize and accept that we do have ideological, cyber and military adversaries that wish to advance their own national interests at our expense. We recognize the need to engage these adversaries from a resolute position of "peace through strength" that opposes repressive intolerance and promotes the conditions that foster liberty, education, opportunity and prosperity throughout the world.

We support the development of a coalition (of like minded, tolerant, peace loving civilized nations) to confront the menace of radically violent Islamist terror armies wherever they arise. (The list is long and growing). For the record, obviously, this is a plank in our broader platform which supports the prosecution and punishment of radically violent criminal groups wherever they operate.

Irans race for the bomb must be stopped at any cost. They must be forced to roll back all their nuclear research and all enrichment activities as per the preceeding treaties and agreements. A nuclear capable Iran would provide a "nuclear umbrella" for all the terrorist groups which serve as client agents for the mullahs and their violent hateful intolerance. Will the world be better off when Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and Venezuela all gain the means to perpetrate nuclear blackmail on anyone they happen to resent? Any concessions to Iran on this point will lead to the proliferation of nuclear weapons programs throughout the Middle East and across the entire world.

Oh, by the way: How is it that we came to be negotiating partners with China and Russia? Both of these "partners" are playing us for fools in economic, cyber and military arenas.

11: We uphold the system of private enterprise in America as a creative engine for positive change.
We believe that private citizens, self organized as partnerships, corporations and nonprofit organizations and left free to pursue their own productive endeavors, can generate positive results and quality outcomes more efficiently than efforts undertaken through governmental bureaucracies. Powered by individual liberty, commercial liberty, and a healthy drive for customer focused success, our enterprising classes have proven to be engines of growth and opportunity the likes of which have not been seen elsewhere under any other system.

Beware the Socialists who look to "soak the rich", notwithstanding the historical reality that higher tax rates often lead to reduced federal receipts. It always seems to be the middle and lower classes that bear the brunt of unexpected consequences which always attend to their social engineering dictates.

So we question undue critique of the Capitalist system. Beware undue regulation and restriction which can lead to the death of our economy "by a thousand cuts".

12: We believe that the governnment must provide a safety net of last resort to provide aid and sustenance to those who are truly disabled and desperate.
Yes, but the "heavy lifting" that leads to prosperity for all can only be performed by the private sector.

Government cannot compete with the private sector in attempting to "raise all boats in the ocean". Rather, government must step aside in some cases (deregulate) in order to allow the benefits of private innovation to unfold.

When allowed to flourish, the private economy in America has proven to be highly dynamic and highly charitable, just as the Founding Fathers had predicted.

13: We believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, age, sex or national origin.
We believe that persons in any minority group and persons with disabilities should be afforded equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity. With these conditions in place all Americans can be naturally motivated to pursue a better station in life through their own hard work and initiative.

The GOP has been right on civil rights all along. Consider the GOP record

14: We believe America must retain those principles worth retaining, yet always be receptive to new ideas with an outlook broad enough to accommodate thoughtful change and varying points of view.
See the extended quote from Russell Kirk below.

15: We revere our right to express ourselves openly and freely.
Beware social, cultural and governmental players attempting to pressure us with their rules for political correct-speak. Under the guise of "social justice" they attempt to convince us that abnormal is normal. That fair is unfair. That a non-victim is a victim. They desire to filter for us what we can say as Americans and how we are supposed to say it.

Beware the encroachment of those pressuring for "fairness" and "social justice" in our political dialogue. These are flashpoint subjects usually triggered by opposition activists who hold a large view of what the "nanny state" should be and a small view of what is possible by individual citizens when properly motivated by initiative, dignity, pride and incentive.

Beware the movement for the "fairness doctrine" in broadcasting.

Beware the push for internet neutrality which is actually Liberal-speak for "censorship".

Beware discussion of tragedies that are painted in the rhetoric of "hate crimes". Is there really a difference between a murder and a "hate murder"? Or does this language really just signify the subtle techniques that the Leftists use to divide and inflame?

And beware the damage done by a biased presentation of social, historical and political events within our educational institutions.

16: Finally, We believe that the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.
Come join us if you agree! Our next meeting!

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Conservative Pioneers Kirk and Buckley

Kirk and Buckley

Mr. Russell Kirk and
Mr. William F. Buckley, Icons of the Conservative movement.

This page is dedicated to Russell Kirk, influential thought leader for the Conservative movement.

"Change and reform, conservatives are convinced, are not identical: moral and political innovation can be destructive as well as beneficial; and if innovation is undertaken in a spirit of presumption and enthusiasm, probably it will be disastrous.

All human institutions alter to some extent from age to age, for slow change is the means of conserving society, just as it is the means for renewing the human body. But American conservatives endeavor to reconcile the growth and alteration essential to our life with the strength of our social and moral traditions. With Lord Falkland, they say, “When it is not necessary to change, it is necessary not to change.” They understand that men and women are best content when they can feel that they live in a stable world of enduring values.Conservatism, then, is not simply the concern of the people who have much property and influence; it is not simply the defense of privilege and status. Most conservatives are neither rich nor powerful. But they do, even the most humble of them, derive great benefits from our established Republic. They have liberty, security of person and home, equal protection of the laws, the right to the fruits of their industry, and opportunity to do the best that is in them. They have a right to personality in life, and a right to consolation in death.

Conservative principles shelter the hopes of everyone in society. And conservatism is a social concept important to everyone who desires equal justice and personal freedom and all the lovable old ways of humanity. Conservatism is not simply a defense of “capitalism.” (“Capitalism,” indeed, is a word coined by Karl Marx, intended from the beginning to imply that the only thing conservatives defend is vast accumulations of private capital.) But the true conservative does stoutly defend private property and a free economy, both for their own sake and because these are means to great ends.

Those great ends are more than economic and more than political. They involve human dignity, human personality, human happiness. They involve even the relationship between God and man. For the radical collectivism of our age is fiercely hostile to any other authority: modern radicalism detests religious faith, private virtue, traditional personality, and the life of simple satisfactions. Everything worth conserving is menaced in our generation. Mere unthinking negative opposition to the current of events, clutching in despair at what we still retain, will not suffice in this age. A conservatism of instinct must be reinforced by a conservatism of thought and imagination."

-Russell Kirk

We are Proud to be GOP!