Our Mission Statement

Promoting Conservative values at every turn

Raise kids RIGHT

The mission of the Wayland Republican Town Committee (WRTC) is to support Republican Party principles, values and candidates.

The WRTC oversees and manages the affairs of the Republican Party in Wayland. We direct campaign activities of the party, organize opportunities to meet and interact with GOP candidates and support candidates for local, state, and national offices through financial support and grassroot activities.

America's Founding principles of Free Enterprise, Personal Responsibility and Individual Initiative have brought this nation economic growth and prosperity. Join the WRTC today and your voice will be heard. You can help us work for a stronger, more prosperous America!

Conservative by choice

Feeling AND Thinking!

The Wayland Republican Party is about tax fairness, preserving open spaces, individual responsibility, maintaining good schools, community involvement and fiscal common sense solutions.

Wayland Republicans are your friends and neighbors, members of town government, community organizations, sport clubs, social groups and volunteer associations. We come from every walk of life and every part of town. We are truly the party of inclusion and diversity.

We genuinely encourage diversity of thought and opinion.